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Water is an indispensable need of a nation for its economic vitality through agriculture and industry. However, this important resource is constantly under pressure in India, mainly due to increasing population and economic developments. In the case of water scarcity, industries would be the first victim of situation as government bodies would prioritize agriculture and residential use over industry. Resultantly industries are focusing on to find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle water used in their premises. Different technologies such as reverse osmosis, membrane filtration, and bioreactors among others are being used to remove contaminants from waste water or raw water, in order to meet quality requirements of usable water in industry. Variety of chemicals such as caustic, sodium hypo-chloride, hydrochloric acid, Antiscalant, coagulant and corrosion inhibitors etc. are used based on requirement of water treatment processes. Addition of these chemicals is critical process and has high set of requirements on measurement side. Metering or dosing pumps are being used to add such chemicals which specially designed to add a predetermined volume over a known time.

Challenges faced:

Industries such as Oil & Gas, Power and Chemicals accounted for generating most of the waste water in India. Players in this industry are facing common problems as failure of diaphragm, incompatibility of MOC with chemicals, and inadequate flow or pressure associated with metering pump in water treatment operations.

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