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Fire & Safety Industry

Fire & safety equipment market of India is growing with a CAGR of 15% from last six year due to increase in Industrial and Municipal fire brigades

IDEX India Products for fire & safety Industry


Fire pumps design and manufacture


Hydraulic Rescue Products And Tools


Fire-Fighting Equipment For Fire Truck Manufacturers


Fire-fighting fittings, Fire protection systems and Hydraulic rescue equipment


Emergency Pneumatics

Key Drivers of the Indian Fire & Safety Industry:
  • Need for Fire Stations: India has less than 3,000 fire stations against 5,800 needed to meet the current standards
  • Investment in Fire Stations: Proposed an investment of $55 billion to fill current gap in fire stations
  • Stringent Government Regulations: 1 fire station every 10 Sq. Km in Urban areas & 50 Sq. km. in rural areas which currently lacking in many region
  • Booming Industrial Market
  • Fire Incidents Rising: Rising Fire security concerns in congested urban areas requiring increase in innovative fire stations
  • Industrial Fire Stations: Refineries, other chemical/ petrochemical industries, ports and airports growing with rising infrastructure spending creating need for industrial fire stations

Currently, IDEX India’s Products are used for below purposes in India’s Fire Fighting & Rescue Industry

Fire Fighting

  • Municipal Fire Station
  • Industrial Fire Stations
IDEX Product
  • Akron Brass Nozzles Monitors
  • Godiva Pumps
  • Hale Pumps
  • AWG Nozzles


  • Disaster Response Forces
  • Municipal Fire Brigades
  • Railways, Metros
  • Airports
IDEX Product
  • Lukas Rescue Tools
  • Vetter Rescue Tents
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Fire & Safety3
Fire & Safety4

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