Sandpiper: Air Operated Diaphragm Pump for Safe Applications in The O&G Industry

Sandpiper: Air operated diaphragm pump for safe applications in the O&G industry

The oil and gas industry has some of the most stringent safety standards. Any accidents, spills or leakages could lead to an ecological disaster, loss to life, or huge monetary losses. Selecting suitable pumps which can perform the activity successfully and yet follow the standards and requirements needed by this industry is a task. Process engineers are always looking for new technologies which can meet the safety standards, are energy efficient, perform under tough conditions. Air operated double diaphragm pumps are the ideal solution for many pumping applications in the O&G industry as these pumps are air operated and are inherently safer than most other technologies.

Sandpiper is a leading brand which has been present in the market for the last five decades. Years of innovation and engineering expertise has enabled sandpiper to develop a broad range of products which are suitable for multiple applications. In the oil and gas industry Sandpiper pumps can be used for multiple applications like lube oil, glycol, diesel fuel, sea water pumping, Sump transfer, drum transfers or even utility applications.


Oil and gas Case Studies – India




Oil & Gas

Needed an air operated pump with zero leakage but current solutions were not energy efficient

Sandpiper Containment Duty Pump
  • Sandpiper’s patented design-100% leak proof even after diaphragm rupture
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Easy to installation
Oil & Gas Choosing a pump for waste water pumping from a pit of 8m depth which can meet API standards- Submersible pumps are difficult to maintain and API documentation is a tedious time consuming task Sandpiper SS Pump with Trolley
  • Easy to maintain as pump is located above the pit
  • Air operated eliminating the need for documentation related to API

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