IDEX India Products for Infrastructure Industry | Modern Transportation, Connectivity, Power, Construction

Infrastructure Industry

India’s Infrastructure needs are growing due to economic growth for which infrastructure such as modern transportation, connectivity, power, construction, etc. are crucial components.

IDEX India Products for infrastructure Industry


process transfer chemical dosing


Handling bitumen for roads & highway construction


Rescue tools for modern transport safety like railways, highway rescue, ports etc.


Lifting Bags, Rescue tents & Rerailing tools for transport infrastructure like airports, railways, disaster management etc.


Fire-Fighting Equipment For Fire Truck Manufacturers


Industrial Fire-fighting tools like Nozzles and Monitors for major manufacturing infrastructure industries

Key Industry Highlights:
  • Roads: 2nd largest road network in world (5.4 Mn. kms)
  • Railways: 2nd largest rail network (115,000 km tracks) globally. 12,617 passenger trains carrying 23 Mn. passengers daily. 7,421 freight trains with daily 3MT freight handled
  • Airports: 140 Airports, Handling 300 Mn passengers annually. $ 16 Billion industry. 9th largest globally. Growing at 20% p.a. currently.
  • Ports: 13 Major, 200 minor ports along large 7500km coastline. 1756 MMT cargo capacity. 90% trade
  • Construction: Largest house buying young population with per capita income growing 10% CAGR increasing affordability. Planned urbanization with ‘Housing for All’ scheme
  • Smart Cities Development: Target to build 100 smart cities from existing towns with modern infrastructure and various other projects

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