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Markets Overview

IDEX is a customer driven company and has gained one of the top positions in the world by providing appropriate solutions as per the market requirement. Our capability lies in supporting process industries, such as chemical processing, oil & gas, and water treatment. We also serve a growing range of highly precise sanitary applications within the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. We address customer needs related to the movement and measurement of process critical fluids and gases in niche markets. The markets that we cater to, include Oil & Gas, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Rescue, Transportation, Thermal Power & Industrial, Water & Food, and Hygiene. We work across five continents and ensure development of rightly applied solutions as per each customer’s specifications, anywhere in the world.


R&D (MF)

  • cell disruption
  • nanoemulsions
  • liposomes
  • polymer nanoparticles
  • nanocellulose
  • particle size reduction
  • deagglomerationl


  • material handling systems (Matcon)
  • particle size reduction (Quadro / Fitz)
  • sifting & screening (Quadro)
  • roll compaction (Fitz)


  • particle size reduction (Quadro / Fitz)
  • sifting & screening (Quadro)

biopharma (MF)

  • polysaccharides
  • cell disruption
  • gene therapy

Fire & Safety

fire fighting

  • municipal fire stations (godiva, hale, akron, awg)
  • industrial firefighting (godiva, hale, akron, awg)


  • disaster response force (lukas, vetter)
  • municipal fire stations (Lukas, Vetter)
  • infrastructure – railways, airports etc (Lukas, Vetter)

Paints & Coatings


  • Dispensing (Fast & Fluid)
  • Mixers & Shakers (Fast & Fluid)


  • Process Transfer – Resins & Solvents (VIKING / SANDPIPER)

Oil & Gas

upstream – oil extraction

  • crude oil handling (pulsafeeder / viking)
  • chemical injection (pulsafeeder / viking)


  • oil storage & distribution at terminals (LC)
  • lPG storage & handling (corken)

downstream – refineries

  • process transfer (pulsafeeder)
  • chemical dosing (pulsafeeder)

Chemicals & Petrochem

  • handling corrosive chemicals & solvents in agro chemicals & base chemicals (richter)
  • process transfer of high viscosity chemicals in heavy-duty applications (viking)
  • handling corrosive and viscous slurries (sandpiper)
  • handling industrial gases (corken)


India’s Infrastructure Industry Has Seen A Massive Growth From $ 62 Bn. Govt. Investment In 2018 Up From $ 26 Bn. In 2014; $ 37.4 Bn. (60%) For Transportation.

key industry highlights

  • 2nd largest road network in world (5.4 mn. kms) carrying 65% of freight & 80% of passenger traffic
  • 115,000 km (2%) national highway carrying 40% traffic
  • $ 14 bn. budget allocation in 2017-18. $ 10 bn. only for national highways
  • 2nd largest rail network (115,000 km tracks) globally.
  • 12,617 passenger trains carrying 23 mn. passengers daily. 7,421 freight trains with daily 3mt freight handled
  • urban rail network in 10 cities


Petrochemicals Dominate The Global Chemicals Market With A Share Of Almost 40 Percent. The Indian Petrochemical Sector Has Contributed Significantly To The Growth Of The Indian Economy. The Indian Petrochemical Industry Is Valued At $40 Billion And Is Expected To Experience A Growth Of About 12-15% Annually Over The Next Five Years.

opportunities for india

  • per capita consumption of synthetic fiber and plastic in india is much lower in comparison to the global average
  • indian petrochemical industry produces more than 20% of the global petrochemical output
  • rapid urbanization and new products introduction