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Indian pharmaceutical industry is 3rd largest in the world in terms of volume and 10th largest in market size. It’s also a big hub for R&D activity with many big pharma players spending a chunk of their budget in development & testing of new drugs. Around 2 years back a major pharma company in formulations in India was working on developing new drug for a critical disease using liposome for drug delivery. They were facing problems with the machines they were currently using in their R&D department as the machines were prone to wear and tear, high maintenance cost & frequent breakdowns.

Customer Problem & Solution Microfluidics Offered:

Microfluidics offered to address these pain points the R&D team of pharmaceutical company were facing in their current machines. As the customer was using these machines in R&D it was difficult for them to shift to another machine. After extensive presentations and discussions on benefits of shifting to Microfluidics product, the R&D head of the company got convinced to install a lab scale machine for production of liposomal formulation. These liposomes are small spherical lipid vesicles with bi-layered membrane used in pharmaceutical formulations for delivering therapeutic agents with high efficiency and protecting the drugs from external environment and deliver the drug to specific target tissues and cells of the organ.

Why It Solved Customer Problem:

After using the lab machine for one month the R&D team was very impressed with the results they got in terms of Uniform Particle Size Distribution, good repeatability of the batch. After the successful lab trials of the machine with 100ml/min the customer wanted to scale the machine to 12litres/min. Microfluidics arranged scalability trials for customer at its Boston Lab in USA and after getting similar good results like the lab machine customer offered to buy production machine. The constant pressure technology from Microfluidics gives it the edge over the competition for producing superior results in terms of uniform particle size distribution and good repeatability of the results for every batch and also the machine offered guaranteed scalability using Microfluidizer interaction chamber technology. The machine was also user-friendly and less wear and tear which was the customer’s expectation. To know more about Microfluidics, please click here

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