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India has witnessed several worst fire incidents in recent times, incidents includes domestic fire, industrial fire and forest fire. State fire brigades and industrial fire brigades are responsible for fire mitigation, and also rescue human and animals in building collapse, road traffic accidents, earthquake, cyclone, landslide, and floods etc. Fire pump is the most important tool used for firefighting; it delivers adequate water at particular pressure to mitigate distant fire.

Challenges Faced:

Presently Indian municipal fire brigades are facing challenges in domestic firefighting, which includes inadequate flow, pressure drop on increasing distance, dry running and maintenance. Initially, municipal brigades used to have only low capacity pumps such as 2000 LPM (liters per minute) and 3000 LPM. Owing to increasing high rises in metro cities and associated possible intensity of fire, fire brigades started to equip with high capacity pumps such as 6000 LPM. Indian municipal brigades are looking for a robust pump which delivers promising flow & pressure performance and help them fighting distant fire (70 m).

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