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IDEX is a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products & technologies that provide solutions to mission-critical problems of our customers.

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IDEX India is a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products and technologies such as industrial pumps & valves, compressors, firefighting tools and rescue equipment, milling equipment, dispensers, flow meters, spare parts, services and accessories. Our products touch lives every day.

Whether it’s a life-saving rescue operation, dispensing fresh juice to a first grader or fueling aircraft, IDEX is a leader in creating enabling technology used in many of the most common everyday activities.

Our corporate office is at Mumbai, India and our world class facility spans across 1,50,000 sq ft area @ Savli in Vadodara, India.





Being one of the oldest industries in India, Chemical Industry contributes significantly towards industrial and economic growth of the nation

Water Treatment Industry

Water is an indispensable need of a nation for its economic vitality through agriculture and industry.


India is one of the world’s major pharmaceutical manufacturing hubs with most major pharma companies having their facilities in India.
Fire and Safety

Fire and Safety

India is third largest in world in refining with 23 refineries and vast network of terminals located across the country.

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We work across continents and ensure development of rightly applied solutions as per each customer’s specifications, anywhere in the world.

Customer Testimonials

Mr Bhasker Reddy

“Our ability to press tablets has increased. Speeds have improved by 15% to 20% using a Matcon System, compared to butterfly bins and vacuum transfer system.”

Mr Bhasker ReddyP.R

Jenifer Hearly

“The subject order is well-received and acknowledged by us. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your kind corporation & fullest support extended on this order and looking forward to continuing the business relationship with your esteemed company in the future.”

Viking Pump
Milantha RanawakaSenior Procurement Executive

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Introduction to IDEX
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Sandpiper Signature Series

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