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Protecting India’s Oil & Gas
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Challenges Faced : Massive Fire in Jaipur’s Oil Storage Terminal

India is third largest in world in refining with 23 refineries and vast network of terminals located across the country. As these sites store extremely inflammable fuel they require advanced firefighting equipments at the site. A major fire had occurred in 2009 in one of India’s Oil Storage & Distribution Terminal in Jaipur due to spillage in pumping of petrol at high pressure. The fire spread quickly & led to loss of lives & destruction of critical assets as all oil storage tankers had caught fire. The Fire tenders couldn’t go near the burning tanks until all fuel went up in flames.

Need of the Hour:

Remote Operated HVLR Monitors for Protecting Oil & Gas Installations Central Govt. immediately set up M.B Lal committee to probe the cause of fire & give recommendations to prevent such incidents in future. It revised the Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD) standards & one of its important recommendations was increased installation of Remote Operated High Volume Long Range (HVLR) Monitors for all Oil & Gas installations. These monitors can fight fire closely as the firefighter can operate it safely from a distance and are usually the last resort for fighting major fires. This necessitated complete revamping of Terminals & Refineries in India to install these remotely operated monitors for firefighting along with other fire safety installations

Akron’s ‘Made for India’ Solution:

Akron developed a Remote Operated HVLR Monitor specially made for India to serve the requirement of Indian Oil & Gas Industry,. The Conquest SST Stainless Steel electric remote controlled monitors from Akron meets or even exceeds the OISD standards giving superior performance & reliability which Akron is known for globally in Firefighting Nozzles & Monitors. Akron provided 177 monitors of 1000gpm & 2000gpm to one of the major Oil & Gas PSU in India for installation in Terminals. The construction of this monitor is from cast SS which outperforms traditional welded tube design in performance and reach which are the most crucial elements in firefighting. The Cast in turning vanes also reduces pressure loss across the monitor. The compact size of the monitor as compared to competition enables it to be positioned in narrow spaces. Operating these monitors is also user friendly for the firefighter. The entire system of monitor along with the electrical unit is FM approved. The customer who bought these monitors from Akron hasn’t faced any issue in these equipments in the last 3 to 4 years they have been installed. This is a testament to the reliable performance of Akron firefighting equipments. To know more about Akron, please click here

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