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Matcon has been a trusted name for over 40+ years for delivering IBC powder & tablet handling systems & Bin Blenders, from the simple start-up to the more complex automated, multi-products, multiple process & packing line configurations in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Food Ingredients, Nutrition, Paint and Chemical sectors.

We supply world-leading Intermediate Bulk Containers for the processing, storage and transport of bulk material solids, powders, granules, and tablets. Our patented Cone Valve technology is a superb discharging device overcoming powder flow issues like Bridging, Rat Holing, Sticky/fluffy materials flow, blend segregation and containment at the same time discharging material in automated, controlled and contained manner.

Whether considering a new production facility, or upgrading an existing one, the way that powders, granules, tablets, and capsules are moved, stored, fed to, and collected from processes has a fundamental impact on how the facility operates: its capacity, flexibility, expandability, and cost of production. For this very reason, we work as a project partner in terms of conceptualization to achieve LEAN process flow, designing, and helping customers bring their vision to life.

Our Head Office and a Centre of Excellence Test Plant are in the UK and regional offices and Test Facilities are in the USA, China, Singapore, and India. In India, we have a testing and production facility at Sanand, Ahmedabad, and a Commercial office in Mumbai.

IBC Material Handling Solutions for
Pharmaceutical manufacturing


Powder Handling

We solve traditional powder handling issues such as bridging, containment, and blend segregation using our patented Cone Valve technology in each IBC


Tablet Handling

 Matcon’s gentle Tablet Handling system enables efficient handling of tablets and capsules. Whilst, at the same time, the effectiveness of tablet coating, printing, inspection, and packing processes are optimized.

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Our Customer Experience Centre(CEC) at Sanand,

Ahmedabad was designed keeping in mind the needs of our customers & partners and to help them resolve their challenges and handle the most critical applications. A demo pharma plant has also been set up to exhibit the application of our products in the customer’s manufacturing processes.

Matcon Product Applications

Whilst the products that you produce might be very different, the issues you have with
production or your powder processing challenges can be very similar.


Beverages & Mixes

Sports Nutrition




Infant Nutrition

Plant-based foods


Animal Nutrition


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