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MATCON: IBC solutions for Material Handling

Matcon since the last 35 years is known for its Material Handling Systems using IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) for Pharmaceutical API & Formulations, Chemicals, Food & Beverage Industry. Matcon uses gravity flow technique using its unique cone valve technology for material flow. The cone valve in Matcon gives it unique benefits of preventing material segregation and proper flow of material

Matcon has consultative approach for clients to help them understand material flow to reduce manpower, cost & resources in a manner that can reduce dust in the production area & moves the material in a closed manner which ultimately leads to lean manufacturing. In India since last more than 10 years Matcon has been fulfilling the need of the Industry in terms of adding more automation, making production process dust free, enabling frequent & fast changeovers without the risk of cross contamination for the pharmaceutical generic drug market.

Case Studies – India




Pharmaceutical (Formulations – OSD)

  • Moving material through Vacuum transfer by charging into RMG using small containers was time consuming and it impacted the amount of material processed in each shift
  • Vacuum Transfer also requires cleaning which adds to the time required for production

Matcon’s IBC solutions for Handling Powders & Granules
  • Matcon’s IBCs having high capacity eliminate the need for small containers
  • Reduction in time for processing the batch as the entire batch can be processed in one IBC
Pharmaceutical (Formulations – OSD)

  • IBCs used currently having butterfly valve causes bridging issues for which customer has to use hammer for flow of material
  • Butterfly valve can also lead to segregation of material which is highly undesirable

Matcon’s Cone Valve
  • Cone Valve ensures complete & controlled flow of material
  • Cone Valve eliminates bridging as flow begins only after the system is secured pneumatically and due to gradual flow segregation is eliminated
  • Cone Valve is completely automated system operated by touchscreen