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Many liquefied gas piping systems do not provide ideal net positive suction head (NPSH) conditions for liquid pumps. As a result the poor NPSH conditions lead to excessive pump maintenance. Since reciprocating gas compressors are only exposed to vapors, they are not affected by poor NPSH conditions. Many liquefied gas pressurized tanks such as tank cars and buried tanks have top unloading connections. A reciprocating compressor is the perfect solution for transferring liquids to and from tanks(tanker unloading compressors) as well as vapor recovery.
Vertical Compressor
  • Piston Displacement ranging from 4.1 CFM (7.0 m3/hr) to 117 CFM (198.8 m3/hr)
  • Reciprocating, oil free/Non lubricated, Air Cooled, Single & Double Stage, Single & Double Acting Design
  • Built for Precise Leakage Control for Toxic and Flammable Gases (LPG, NH3, Industrial gases)
  • Plain Style, Single (D Style) and Double (T Style) Distance Piece Options
  • NPT / ANSI Flange options for End Connections
  • Maximum Allowable working pressure range from 24.1 bara to 82.8 bara
  • Temp range (-) 32’C to 177’C
  • Water Cooled Head option available, Coating option for additional corrosion resistance.

Our industrial LPG & Non-Lubricated compressors are compatible with a wide variety of hazardous, volatile, toxic, and corrosive gases such as chlorine, vinyl chloride, methyl chloride, sulfur dioxide, butadiene, hydrogen, helium and many more. Each compressor is available with a standard mounting, or we can be custom engineer a compressor package for you. We now offer an ASME B31.3 – 2012 piping option for all of our compressor packages and skids.

Specific application conditions may limit a compressor’s operating performance to less than the values shown on this page. Specifications may be changed without liability or advance notice

Gas list
  • LPG
  • Anhydrous NH3
  • Propane
  • Butane-n
  • Butadiene-1,3
  • Propylene
  • Isobutylene
  • Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen
  • Methyl Chloride
  • Vinyl Chloride

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