Richter Lined plug valve

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  •  Better Stem Sealing
  • Consistent Operating Torques
  • Higher Flow Coefficient
  • Single piece body; no chance of leakage
  • Minimum 3 mm lining at edges throughout 3 mm or plus thickness in
    body & port area
  • Vacuum proof lining
  • Unique lining process (German standard) ensures defect proof lining
    on the valve body as well as plug
  • Transparent lining of PFA and no pigments are used


  • HCI
  • Thiony Chloride
  • Water + Acetic Acid
  • 98% Nitric Acid
  • ClO2
  • Cl2
  • Bromine
  • 98% H2SO4
  • Brine
  • Poly Aluminum Chloride
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