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Bulk LPG Unloading Compressor

India is one of the largest domestic consumers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the world. LPG’s demand in India is expected to grow by 10% to reach 24 million tons in current financial year. LPG’s imports would be more competitive than producing the fuel domestically and the country would remain dependent on imports to meet about 50% of its domestic needs. To meet the growing imports, Indian government is focusing on creating a solid distribution network and terminals to handle the additional volumes.

Challenges faced:

Presently Indian refiners are facing challenges in unloading of LPG, which includes higher unloading time (tanker), higher utility (Power & Water) consumption by compressor and heavy maintenance. Initially, refiners used to unload 4-5 tankers per batch, however now they are unloading 6-8 tanker per batch. Hence, Indian refiners are looking for a robust compressor which can provide maximum evacuation (lower evacuation pressure 1.5 kg/cm2 or less) and minimum oil leakage.

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