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CORKEN: Bulk LPG Unloading Compressor

India is one of the largest domestic consumers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the world. LPG demand in India is expected to grow by 10% to reach 24 million tons in current financial year. LPG imports would be more competitive than producing the fuel domestically and the country would remain dependent on imports to meet about 50% of its domestic needs. To meet the growing imports, Indian government is focusing on creating a solid distribution network and terminals to handle the additional volumes.

Challenges faced :

Presently Indian refiners are facing challenges in unloading of LPG, which includes higher unloading time (tanker), higher utility (Power & Water) consumption by compressor and heavy maintenance. Initially, refiners used to unload 4-5 tankers per batch, however now they are unloading 6-8 tanker per batch. Hence Indian refiners are looking for a robust compressor which can provide maximum evacuation (lower evacuation pressure 1.5 kg/cm2 or less) and minimum oil leakage.

Solution offered by Corken :

Corken, a subsidiary of IDEX Corporation is serving bottling plants with solutions to unload LPG in minimum time with higher evacuation rate, taking care of oil leakage. Recently we provided THG600 to one of the major Indian LPG PSU, THG600 is an Air-Cooled reciprocating compressor with triple packing (Two-Distance Piece) and 75 HP motor. THG600 is helping PSU to unload LPG within stipulated time, saving 20 minutes per batch compared to previously used compressor. It’s air-cooling option and lesser horse power requirement aiding LPG bottling plants to save on operating as well as maintenance cost. Compressor provided triple packings ensures achieving lower evacuation pressures with minimum or no oil leakage, and assisting customer to achieve high rate of evacuation. Also the compact skid helps save floor space & ease of installation by reducing installation time to less than half.

Corken is well known for its high quality products and customer services across petroleum gas industry – LPG. It keeps innovating products through customer interaction and understanding market needs. To know more about Corken products visit

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