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Our Microfluidizer® technology for nanoencapsulation leads the industry with higher yields of active ingredients and greater control over process repeatability.

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Deagglomeration by Microfluidizer® Processors

Unrivalled results in uniform nanoemulsions, nanoencapsulation, nanoparticles, cell disruption, deagglomeration and uniform particle size reduction, seamless scale up and unparalleled repeatability. Microfluidics is known to be one of the best High Pressure Homogenizer for cell disruption available in the industry.


We are the leading high pressure homogenizer manufacturers in India and our high shear fluid processors ensure that every mL of material gets the same high shear treatment regardless if you’re processing a 1 mL batch or at thousands of liters per hour.



Precision-manufactured Microfluidizer® technology for nanoencapsulation, helping us set performance standards for high-pressure homogenization for nanoparticles and other industries



When you have a challenging application that requires the smallest possible particle sizes and uniform particle size distributions