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Introduction to Microfluidics:

Since the 1980’s, Microfluidizer technology has been adopted by diverse industries such as Pharma, Biotech and Cosmetics etc. to provide targeted size reduction, superior particle distribution profiles and guaranteed lab-to-production scale performance.

At the heart of our success — and yours — is our unique fixed-geometry interaction chamber. Only Microfluidizer® high pressure homogenizers feature this crucial component, which ensures that every milliliter of your product experiences virtually identical, intense shear forces under extreme, user-controlled pressure. This allows you to achieve tightly controlled, highly predictable homogenization results.

In 2011, Microfluidics becomes a part of IDEX Corporation & got the leverage of IDEX global Sales & service network. India is one of our key market & with a high focus on Pharma & Biotech market, we continue to grow our presence & services in the Indian market.

Product Portfolio:

Cell Disruption Technology for Exceptional Results

If you’re engaged in working at cellular levels, you need equipment and tools that are capable of providing the precision outcomes you are looking for at the same time as offering user-friendly, cost-effective and high-grade operation. Our high-pressure homogenizer, microfluidizer and Nano encapsulation technology has been specifically designed to meet the needs of industry professionals, offering excellent solutions for cell lysis, de-agglomeration and particle size reduction.

Complete Your Micronization and Similar Processes More Effectively

From Nano cellulose processing options through to ophthalmic emulsions, micro encapsulation and more, we offer a complete suite of solutions for all of your cell rupture and liposome requirements. Because we specialize in this type of work, we have an excellent understanding of what our clients are looking for and make sure we provide what they need. We are able to offer industry-specific solutions; just tell us what you need and our skilled team will usually be able to provide a suitable answer.

Our Equipment is Suitable for Polymer Nanoparticles and More

We have invested significantly in research and development, enabling us to offer you products which benefit from advanced technology and cutting-edge scientific evidence of what works best when it comes to this type of work. Whether your business involves processing or managing polysaccharides, microfluidics, Nano suspensions or Nano emulsions, we can offer the creative options you need to achieve your business objectives.

Find Out More About Our Wet Milling and High Sheer Homogenizer

We operate within a global market place, providing high-quality equipment to specialist companies that need equipment which offers the very highest standards of precision and performance. To find out more about our product range, discuss your requirements or for anything else, call us at 1800 267 9955(toll free) or drop us a mail at info.fmt@idexcorp.com.

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