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Fitzpatrick is an innovator in particle processing technologies
With a proven track record of manufacturing high end process pharmaceutical equipment for a variety of markets like pharmaceuticals and bulk chemicals. Our offerings include high quality hammer mills and roll compactors.


Roll compactors
Roll compactors

Fitzpatrick Dry Granulation – High-Quality Equipment for Great Results

One of the advantages of Fitzpatrick roll compactors is the added value you get when you invest in a dry compactor or one of their other pieces of machinery. Fitzpatrick (India) specializes in high-grade solutions for processing small, particulate matter. Whether you need to sort it, reduce its size or complete some other form of procedure, we have the high-grade answers you need for maximum efficiency and performance.

Fitzpatrick Roller Compactor That Improves Density as Well As Granulation

Fitzpatrick is an extremely well-established company which operates a culture of continuous improvement. This ensures that every piece of equipment they offer demonstrates cutting-edge features, as well as straight-forward action, low maintenance and an excellent build quality. If you are looking for equipment that’s made to last, providing years of exceptional use, the Fitzpatrick options are often the most suitable. Parts and servicing are also available, so when you purchase a Fitzpatrick product, you also gain access to all the back-up needed to keep it working well.

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