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SS Gear Pump

SS Gear Pump

UNIVERSAL PRODUCT LINE SERIES: 127A, 4127A STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION A gear pump comes under the category of positive displacement pump that has a continuous rotary delivery pump. Gear pumps are simple and compact with a limited number of moving parts.
The Stainless-Steel Gear Pump has optimal utility and is widely used in chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, food processing, beverages, dairy, and other allied industries.
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The materials used for producing these SS Gear Pumps are of high quality and are available in various sizes and are equipped to deliver medium capacities at higher pressure. The pumps are appreciated by clients for their features that include easy maintenance, are easily cleanable, corrosion resistance, and require no lubrication.
SS Gear Pump is used for transferring corrosive, hygienic, and viscous liquids. There are several advantages of SS Gear Pumps like low maintenance, ability to handle a wide range of viscous fluids.

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  • All stainless-steel gear pumps have construction that is corrosion resistant over a wider pH range
  • Enhanced bearing housing allows easy installation of packing, component, and most cartridge mechanical seals without modification
  • Universal bracket design for consistent flow for longer performance duration customized internals for abrasive liquids
  • Flow adjustment with end clearance setting to compensate axial wear and tear .
Gear pumps are generally used for pumping high viscosity fluids such as oil, paints, resins, or foodstuffs. They are preferred in any application where accurate dosing or high-pressure output is required.

Common SS Gear Pump applications include, but are not limited to :
  • Various fuel oils and lube oils
  • Chemical additive and polymer metering
  • Chemical mixing and blending (double pump)
  • Industrial and mobile hydraulic applications (log splitters, lifts, etc.)
  • Acids and caustic (stainless steel or composite construction)
  • Low volume transfer or application
SS Gear Pumps are also used for application in a number of industries like surfactants, manufacturing, pigments, inks and raisins, chemical blending, food and beverage products like cocoa butter, polymers, solving agents, hydraulic and engineering, and many other applications.

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