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Being one of the oldest industries in India, Chemical Industry contributes significantly towards industrial and economic growth of the nation. A growth of 13-14% has been witnessed in the chemical industry in the last 5 years. The Chemical Industry of India ranks 6th in world and 3rd in Asia after Japan and China. As the industry is growing, so are the challenges encountered by these industry specialists.

Challenges Faced By The Chemical Industry:

Presently Indian chemical industry poses challenges in terms of unloading of chemicals, handling of critical liquids, avoiding mishaps due to fire hazards, achieving consistency in batch completion and so on. A major role to tackle most of these issues is played by the pumps installed in all these processes.

Solution Offered by Sandpiper:

SANDPIPER the WARREN RUPP brand, a subsidiary of IDEX Corporation is the most chosen AODD pump amongst all customers, owing to its ability to create products that meet the demand of our ever-changing marketplace. Recently, a competitor pump was replaced by SANDPIPER pump which impacted the following criteria of the customers:

  • Sandpiper ESADS technology brought the Mean time to repair down from 60-90 minutes to just 5-10 minutes
  • Breakdown time was reduced
  • Better flow rate contributed in reducing the overall process time of the customer and consistent batch completion was achieved
  • High Dry Suction/Lifting capacity eliminated any need for submersible condition or foot valve or priming chamber.
  • Any kind of fire hazards were eliminated

SANDPIPER pumps work effectively for transfer, unloading, sampling & filter press applications. The best way to evaluate these benefits is to experience them. To know more about Sandpiper, please Click Here

To know more give us a call on 1800 267 9955 (toll free) or drop us an email on info.fmt@idexcorp.com.

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