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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for Tablets & Capsules

The Matcon Tablet IBCs are designed for the gentle handling of tablets (coated or non-coated) and capsules. The integrated entry spiral lets tablets gently slide into the bin, minimising the drop height, acceleration and impact, thereby reducing any risk of damage.

Discharging is done in conjunction with a Matcon IBC Tablet Discharge Station which has a gentle opening mechanism.

Handling tablets in larger batches reduces the labour associated with moving containers and making/breaking connections, reduces the burden of cleaning and leads to improved inventory control and traceability.

Choose a Matcon Tablet IBC system for:

  • Handling larger batches of tablets or capsules up to 650kg without damage.
  • Reducing manual handling of containers.
  • Gentle handling of tablets & capsules.

  • Improving OEE rates at coating and packing.
  • Suiting for validated cleaning.

The Range:

Matcon Tablet IBCs are available in a range of standard sizes from 500L to 1250L, but other sizes are available on request.

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