Matcon Tablet - IDEX INDIA
Group 2210

Matcon Bulk Tablet Handling Solution

Matcon’s gentle Tablet Handling system enables efficient handling of tablets and capsules. Whilst, at the same time, the effectiveness of tablet coating, printing, inspection, and packing processes are optimized.

Matcon Gentle Transfer Chute enables the damage-free transfer of tablets between floors. Switch to a more efficient way of tablet handling with Matcon systems.

The Matcon Advantage

Improve the OEEE of coaters and packers

Reduce manpower requirement for tablet handling

Improve Batch time with a reduced number of bins

Reduce operator handling time

Improve inventory control and traceability

Improve productivity and product quality

Reduce movement of tablet containers

Matcon Tablet Handling for Efficiency Improvement in Existing Facilities

200L Tablet IBC

33% Smaller Footprint

3 Level bin stacking

Partial tablet discharge

Process Flow

Image 4

Matcon IBC Product Range


Matcon Tablet Handling for Greenfield Facilities

500L and above Tablet IBC

Improved batch time with reduced number of bins

Improved OEE of coaters and packers

Avoid tablet breakage or wastage

Increase productivity and product quality

Mask Group 38