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  • Dos and DON’Ts of your AODD pump

    Dos and DON’Ts of your AODD pump

    AODD pumps are generally not considered to be trustworthy in critical applications owing to its simple design and maintenance issues.

    But, SANDPIPER pumps have always been the most trustworthy, easy to handle and portable pumps widely chosen by the customers of varying industries.

    In this article, we would be talking about the DO’s and DON’Ts of a SANDPIPER pump. This will help the customers in maintaining their AODD pump and also ensuring quick, handy solutions in times of need.

    DO’s of SANDPIPER pumps :

    • Check Air supply pressure
    • Check suction piping to be sure that it is all connected and tight , all valves are open and ducting flooded suction, end of pipe is below liquid level (take care not to use piping smaller than pump port connections)
    • Do install the pump as close to the supply tank as possible
    • Do leave required working space around the pumping unit
    • Do use large, short and straight suction piping
    • Do Record pump model no and serial no. and file for future reference
    • Do obtain, read and keep maintenance instructions furnished with your pump
    • Do inspect (ESADS) Air distribution valve if found pump is not cycling
    • Do install flexible connectors and a pulsation dampener at the discharge side to reduce the pulsation in flow,keep the suction line length and number of fitting to a minimum
    • Do install pressure regulating valve to insist air supply pressure does not exceed recommended limits,please flush the pump after each use to prevent the damage when it is used for liquid/ material that tend to settle out or solidify
    • In freezing temperatures, pump must be completely drained between the uses in all cases
    • When used for toxic and aggressive fluids, pump should always to flushed clean prior to disassembly
    • When handling flammable liquids, pump, piping , valves, containers must be grounded ,airborne particles and noise hazardous, do wear ear and eye protection.

    DON’T’s of SANDPIPER pumps :

    • Don’t run pump at speeds faster than shown in catalog as per selected model
    • Don’t require pump to develop pressure higher than those shown in catalog for the model
    • Don’t operate pumps at temperatures above and below limits shown in catalog for your pump
    • Don’t stick fingers in ports of pump! Serious injury may result
    • Do not reduce the suction line diameter

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