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    When we think about fire, the first image that comes to our mind is that of a fire truck or a fire tender as you call it. The red coloured fire tender with flashing lights, siren and firemen aboard!

    Fire tender is the tool or the equipment that is the central pillar by far of any fire fighting operations. For any type of fire emergency, the fire tenders are the most essential means to ensure full recovery. Be it an industrial fire scenario or a municipal scenario involving any commercial establishment or residential property, fire tenders are the answer to every fire call. The heart of this fire truck is the vehicle mounted fire pump!

    Without the heart, this equipment is nothing but an ordinary truck. The entire success of the fire tender during fire emergency operations depends on the performance of the fire pump. Let us understand more on the vehicle mounted fire pumps.

    An early device used to squirt water on to a fire was known as squirt or a fire syringe. Over the period, fire trucks modernized in to fire engines to deliver water and foam for fire fighting purposes. In all senses, the performance of a fire pump determines the success or failure of any fire emergency operations. Which means that the vehicle mounted fire pump needs to be of high quality in terms of performance, durability and most importantly the reliability. Whenever need arises, these pumps shall operate to its full capacity as many lives depend on this reliability factor.

    There are many vehicle mounted fire pumps available in the market today. So how does one select the right pump for the application?

    In India what we follow is kind of a prescriptive approach rather than performance based approach. Which means, some third party certification agency forms the basis of quality assurance rather than actual performance bench marking. When it comes to performance of fire pump, it needs to be evaluated on following minimum criteria.

    • Design Flow rates and discharge pressures.
    • Maximum flow rates without much reduction in discharge pressures.
    • Capability to run for longer durations without any considerable impacts like over heating etc.
    • Longevity
    • Lesser maintenance

    Let us see how two different brands offering superficially identical looking fire pumps can be evaluated. Let us assume the requirement of 2000lpm@10bar.


    Let us assume two Brands, Brand A and Brand B are the two main bidders. Brand A is an established product with a long history. Brand B is a fairly identical copy of Brand A. Price is not a factor for consideration till technical evaluation.

    Brand A Brand B
    Design flow @ 10 bar 2100 lpm 2000 lpm
    Max Flow @ 7 bar 2800 lpm 2500 lpm
    Max Pressure @ 600 lpm 17 bar 16 bar
    Continuous running capability More than 6 hrs Tested up to 4 hrs
    Warranty 5 yrs 2 yrs
    Performance History Very long reliable history Fairly new in market
    Certification Nil Third party

    From the above figures it is clear that Brand A is marginally higher in most of the parameters although it does not carry third party certifications. Overall it does not seem to be attractive proposition. However on further deep diving one can understand, that just 1 bar higher pressure@ 600 lpm would be making the pump deliver water 10 m higher than Brand B would be able to. Additional warranty means better confidence about the material and workmanship. Long history means longer experience, R&D leading to improved products in terms of technology and overcoming of design flaws if any.

    Thus, although Brand B seems to be superficially similar product with third party certifications, Brand A would be the right choice for a smart buyer.

    Ultimately, the right choice for any smart buyer is going for the original product with better performance, durability and reliability rather than going for cheap copy as it is matter not of just few rupees but many lives at stake!

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    Amitabh Gode
    Director – Technical Services
    GIFireE (India) MIFireE (UK)