Maximising Efficiency through Size Reduction Solutions
In today’s fast-paced world, manufacturing efficiency is essential for businesses to not only retain their market share but to expand as well. Companies in all sectors are always on the lookout for ways to streamline processes, minimise waste, and ultimately increase profits. One area that holds promise for improvement is size reduction solutions. These solutions involve a variety of technologies and tools aimed at breaking materials down into manageable particles. Let’s delve into how size reduction can enhance efficiency in certain areas.

Powder and Tablet Handling

Powders and tablets are widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food production, chemicals, and cosmetics. Effective handling of these materials is essential to maintaining product quality and consistency. Size-reduction solutions play a role here. Crushing, grinding, and milling equipment can convert materials into powders with specific particle size distributions. This allows for:
  • Improved Mixing: Consistent particle sizes facilitate the blending of powders with ingredients, resulting in uniform final products.
  • Enhanced Flowability: Finer powders flow smoothly through processing equipment, reducing blockages and delays in production.
  • Precise Dosing: Selected powders enable consistent dosing during tablet manufacturing processes, ensuring accurate drug delivery or ingredient proportions.

Nano-Enabled Solutions

The field of nanotechnology offers promising opportunities for a variety of industries. Nanoparticles, known for their characteristics, bring advancements in fields such as drug delivery, material science, and catalysis. However, producing these nanoparticles often involves methods to reduce their size. Nano-enhanced solutions play a role here. Machinery like high-energy mills and micronizers can achieve particle sizes, opening up new possibilities for the use of nanomaterials.

Agglomeration/Roll Compaction Solutions

Not every application necessitates particles. In some scenarios, creating more uniform aggregates can be advantageous. This is where agglomeration and roll compaction solutions come into play. These solutions utilise techniques like roll compaction and granulation to convert powders into denser and more manageable granules. Benefits include:
  • Enhanced Handling: Granules are simpler to handle and transport compared to powders, reducing dust generation and product loss.
  • Improved Tableting: Materials compacted through offer flowability and compressibility during tablet manufacturing, resulting in sturdier and more consistent tablets.
  • Controlled Release: Specific granulation methods enable the creation of controlled release formulations in pharmaceuticals, allowing for drug release over time.

Bio-process Equipment

The bioprocessing sector heavily relies on managing biological substances such as cells, tissues, and enzymes. Many bioprocesses involve steps to reduce the size of materials, like cell lysis or homogenization. Specialised bioprocessing machinery designed for these materials ensures:
  • Preservation of Biological Activity: Tailored equipment minimises heat generation and shear forces during size reduction, preserving the activity of the processed materials.
  • Scalability: Bioprocessing machinery can be adjusted in size based on the needs, allowing for processing at various scales, from research to production.
  • Sterilisation: Certain bioprocessing machinery is crafted with processing in mind, ensuring sterility throughout the size reduction process.

IDEX MPT: Your Partner for Size Reduction Solutions

IDEX MPT stands out as a provider of solutions for reducing size across diverse industries. Our extensive equipment portfolio includes:
  • Conical Mills: Cone mills are most widely used for applications requiring high output, requiring  energy and low heat generation and for continuous milling operation. Widely used in  pharmaceutical OS & API, food & neutraceutical and chemical manufacturing.
  • Hammer mills: Hammer mills are ideal for handling coarse and medium-sized materials, delivering high impact size reduction.
  • High-energy mills: High-energy mills are capable of producing nano-sized particles to meet rigorous demands in nanotechnology applications.
  • Roll Compactors: Create granules from powders to make them easier to handle and use for tablet production.
  • Bioprocessig equipment: Equipment for bioprocessing is tailored specifically for handling materials with precision and sterility.
IDEX MPT recognises the importance of customised size reduction solutions. Their team collaborates closely with each client to determine the approach based on their requirements and material characteristics. They conduct feasibility tests to ensure that the chosen equipment achieves the desired particle size and product quality. Moreover, they offer sales assistance covering installation, training, and maintenance services.By teaming up with IDEX MPT, you unlock a trio of advantages that guarantee success in size reduction:
  • Expertise at the Forefront: Their team boasts expertise in size reduction applications across sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemicals, and nanotechnology. Their specialists can provide consultations to grasp your needs and recommend the most suitable solution for your material and application.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: They provide cutting-edge equipment engineered for top-notch performance and efficiency. Their range includes size reduction solutions like hammer mills, fluidized bed mills, high-energy mills, roll compactors, and bioprocessing equipment.
  • Advanced Technology: Each equipment piece is meticulously crafted using technology to guarantee consistent and reliable size reduction, incorporating the following features:
  • Scalability: Their equipment can be adjusted to fit your production needs, enabling processing at both the pilot and commercial levels.
  • User-Friendly Design: Prioritising user safety and ease of use, their equipment boasts controls and ergonomic designs for a productive work environment.
  • Convenient Maintenance: Recognising the importance of minimising downtime, their equipment is designed for maintenance and cleaning, ensuring disruptions to your production schedule.
  • Dedicated Support: Their commitment extends beyond supplying the equipment to providing after-sales assistance, including;
  • Feasibility Testing: Before making an investment, they offer feasibility testing services to ensure that the selected equipment achieves the desired particle size and product quality for your material.
  • Installation and Training: Their team of experts will handle the proper installation and commissioning of your equipment. They also offer training for your operators to empower them to utilise the equipment to its full potential.
  • Continuous Assistance: They are there to support you every step of the way on your journey. Their team assists you with any queries, troubleshooting needs, and ongoing maintenance support to keep your size reduction equipment running smoothly for years to come.
By teaming up with IDEX MPT, you’ll have a partner and trusted advisor, not an equipment supplier. They are dedicated to your success and collaborate closely with you to ensure that your size reduction processes are efficient, dependable, and yield the high-quality results you expect.

The Evolution of Size Reduction Solutions

The world of size reduction is continuously progressing, with technologies and innovations emerging to meet the growing demands of industries. Here’s a peek into what lies ahead.
  • Intelligent Size Reduction: Machineries equipped with sensors and automation features will enable real-time monitoring and control of processes. This will allow for on-the-fly adjustments, ensuring particle size distribution and maximising efficiency.
  • Friendly Solutions: Environmental considerations are increasingly crucial. Manufacturers are in search of size reduction solutions that reduce energy consumption and waste production. Anticipate the development of energy equipment and processes using recyclable materials.
  • Closed Loop Systems: Closed loop systems are gaining popularity as they minimise dust generation and product loss during the size reduction process. This will improve the safety of workers and maintain a better production environment.
IDEX MPT leads the way in these advancements. They are actively engaged in research and development, constantly introducing size reduction technologies to the market. They focus on delivering solutions that not only boost efficiency but also support sustainability and ensure worker safety.


Size reduction solutions are vital for enhancing efficiency across industries. By using the tools and collaborating with a trusted provider like IDEX MPT, manufacturers can attain control over particle size, enhance product quality, and ultimately gain a competitive advantage. Whether you need powders for pharmaceuticals, granules for tablet production, or nanoparticles for cutting-edge applications, IDEX MPT has the knowledge and solutions to assist you in reaching your objectives.