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Internal Gear Pump Technology:

Internal gear pump consists of a rotor ad idler. Liquid travels between them through “gear-within-a-gear” principle. Pump head forces the liquid to move out of discharge port. A seal is formed between the discharge and suction ports. This pushes liquid out of the discharge port.

Benefits of the internal gear pump:

  • Easy on maintenance with two moving parts and one stuffing part.
  • Works well for high viscosity liquids
  • Constant flow and is not affected by pressure
  • Operates well bidirectionally
  • NPSH requirements are quite low as compared to other pumps
Internal Gear Pump

Features of VIKING Internal Gear Pump:

  • Flow upto 365 m3/hr
  • Pressure upto 17 bar
  • Viscosity upto 440,000 cst
  • Temp from -85 C to +430 C
  • Various Sealing options – Packing, Seal & Seal less
  • Broadest selection of port locations, configurations
  • Oil & Electrical Jacketed pump options
  • API 676 compliant


  • Fuels and lube oils
  • Alcohols and solvents
  • Asphalt, bitumen, tar
  • Resins and polymers, PU foam
  • Food industry (chocolate, starch)
  • Inks, pigments, paints
  • Soaps and surfactants
  • Glycol
  • Base oil, additives etc

Universal Seal Pump

Universal Seal Pump
  • Sealing flexibility-Accommodates all sealing types and manufacturers
  • Rugged design with Back pull-out seal, heavy duty bearings and bushings
  • Solid one piece bracket minimizes shaft deflection
  • End clearance adjustment to compensate for wear
  • Options available in materials, jacketing, ports, mounting and drive
Universal Seal Pump

Motorspeed Series

Motorspeed Series Pump
  • Runs at motor speed eliminating need for speed reduction
  • Enhanced flow with new features like root feed grove, modified crescent and optimized casing ports
  • Heavy duty anti-friction shaft support for extended pump life
  • Pressure lubrication system
  • Compact design, Easy to install and maintain
Motorspeed Series

Universal Mag Drive Pump

Universal Mag Drive Pump
  • Proven seal-less design
  • Innovative magnet technology
  • Highest level of liquid containment for hard- to- seal/ hazardous/reactive liquids
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with Viking Universal seal pumps
  • Short-term dry-run capabilities for easy line cleaning
Universal Mag Drive Pump


XPD Pumps
  • First fully compliant with API 676 standard (no exceptions)
  • API 682 Seal-Designed to operate continuously for 25,000 hours without need for replacement
  • Tapered roller type thrust bearings which offer 25,000 hrs L-10 life
  • Additional 3mm corrosion allowance over MACP on pressure-containing components
  • 5 years Warrantee


Hygienic Pump
  • First hygienic internal gear pump with EHEDG and 3-A certification*
  • Designed for CIP/COP or strip clean methods
  • Front removable rotor, shaft seal and casing
  • Internal wetted surfaces (min Ra 0.8 µm)
  • Sealed bearings with food grade grease

Electrically Heated Pump

Electrically Heated Pump
  • Electric heat cartridges eliminate need for steam and hot oil
  • Reduced energy costs with heat source in pump vs. external heat tracing
  • Precise temperature control through PID closed loop controller
  • Simplified service by eliminating hot oil or steam pipe connections.
Electrically Heated Pump

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