You are building a commercial building in India and an engineer asks you to buy a fire fighting pump. Now, you are not sure if you at all need one. So, read this article to know about fire fighting pumps in India. What is a fire pump? The purpose of a pump is to make sure that the fire protection systems which include fire hydrant systems, sprinklers etc work as they are supposed to by maintaining water pressure at an optimum level. In a situation where water is needed, it might gradually trickle onto a fire, doing nothing to douse the fire. This is obviously not desired as much of your property could be destroyed by the fire even if sprinklers are installed carefully. How do fire fighting pumps operate? Fire pumps come with diesel engine or electric-powered engine motor, which gets going when the water pressure of the fire sprinkler reaches a certain minimum level. This usually occurs if over one when multiple  fire sprinklers operate works at the same time depending on the magnitude of fire. Additionally, when teams of firefighters come and hook up their hoses, low water pressure could reduce the efficacy of fire sprinklers. A small portion of the control system of fire fighting pumps in India, called the jockey pump, maintains pressure in the sprinkler system piping to an artificially high-level certain predefined level. That way, with an appreciable minor drop, the automatic controller of a fire pump can start the pump after conveniently detecting it, maintain the pressure back to the predefined level and then stop. What types of buildings are fire fighting pumps used? 
  • Virtually all industrial installations, institutional buildings, commercial buildings, etc., where there is a fire risk, requires fire fighting systems and fire fighting pumps. Following are few critical examples.
  • Storage warehouses: When a fire starts spreading, large expanses of space need high water pressure. Warehouses are a good example as they do not have doors or walls to slow the fire as it increases.
  • High rise buildings: In case a fire breaks out on the top story of a high rise building, sprinkler heads may require additional help in creating the water pressure needed to put off the flame. Hence, the fire pumps in most multistory buildings.
  • Buildings with water storage tanks: In most cases, the sprinkler system of a building gets water supply from the city. In the event that your building has onsite storage tanks for your sprinklers, you must plan to install fire fighting pumps in India. This creates water pressure to avoid a fire.
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