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  • What is the Use of Critical Care Compressors in Hospitals?

    Compressed air finds application in lung ventilation and anaesthetics in intensive care units. It also helps to power up a wide range of pneumatic surgical equipment and tools. Mostly, hospitals make use of oil-less critical care compressor as they are environment-friendly and the chances of contamination are less.

    In the intensive care units of a hospital, you will find patients who are in critical conditions and require intensive care. This is why purified and ultra-clean medical air is a necessity. Medical air should be delivered to not just the hospital beds, but also to the operating theatres with absolute reliability. For this, every hospital manager must know manufacturers and suppliers of critical care compressor.

    These compressors find their use in medical air supply in hospitals and this is an important life-supporting service. Clean air helps critically ill patients in maintaining their respiration when they are placed under mechanical ventilation. Critical care medical air compressors are specifically designed to meet the strict requirements and guidelines placed by regulatory boards. These compressors make sure that intensive care units receive an uninterrupted supply of medical air.

    Since the air has to be pure with zero contaminations, it is mandatory that medical air is manufactured on-site. This is typically done by sucking outside air into a critical care compressor that is connected to the hospital’s piping system.

    So, if you are in charge of a hospital, you need to get a top-quality compressor that will deliver air to patients in extreme, life-threatening conditions, who are connected to a life support system or ventilator. It is crucial to remember that any interruption may prove to be fatal for the patient. This is why you have to be careful when selecting the right compressor for your hospital. Remember to do your research.

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