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Sliding vane pumps are used in a wide range of applications within the LPG, refined fuels and chemical industry. The sliding vane pump is a popular design for applications requiring flow rates of 20 gpm or more. The sliding vane design combines low cost with high reliability and easy maintenance.
  • Positive Displacement, Sliding Vane type Design
  • Ability to compensate for wear, operate at a lower noise level and handle low amounts of entrainevapor in liquid-gas mixtures
  • NPT / ANSI Flange options for End Connections
  • Flow range: up to 400 gpm (1514 L/min)
  • Maximum differential pressure: upto 8.6 barg
  • Suitable for Transfer of Liquefied Gases, Thin Boiling Liquids
Corken’s positive displacement sliding vane pump, known as a Coro-Vane®, is an excellent choice for propane, butane, and agricultural ammonia applications. The self-adjusting sliding vanes improve the pumping efficiency and help extend the life of the pump. The rotor, cam, side plates, seals, and bearings are easily replaced by simply removing the pump cover. Corken’s positive displacement sliding-vane industrial pumps are known as a Coro-Vane® pump. The self-adjusting sliding vanes deliver higher pumping efficiencies and extend the life of the pump. The CP- and CD-model Coro-Vane pumps have a replaceable cam and sideplates. The rotor, cam, sideplates, seals and bearings are easily replaced by simply removing the pump cover. Most of Corken’s sliding vane pumps are equipped with an adjustable internal relief valve. We offer several models of positive displacement, sliding vane pumps for wide range of vapor pressures, differential pressures, and viscosities. The drive options include magnetic drive, hydraulic drive, gear reduced, and belt driven

To find a suitable sliding vane pump for your aviation fuel, fuel oil, lube oil, solvents, liquefied gases such as LPG, ammonia, and CO2.

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