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    Providing solutions to pumping issues.

    Sandpiper (warrenrup) renowned AODD pump brand has been serving the global markets since last 50 years. The brand entered the Indian market in the early 90’s, since then sandpiper has been catering a variety of applications like pumping solvents and intermediates in the process application, loading / unloading area of the industrial plant to pumping viscous and dense slurries and sludge in distinctive industrial segments of chemical, Pharma, Oil & Gas, Food and Mining. Sandpiper has built trust among the clients by understanding the exact pumping issues in terms of system , liquid handled, reason of existing pump failure if any and then providing customized solutions to ensure hasle free operations and increase productivity.

    Slurry / Sludge Pumping issues across Western India

    The western region of india, is a known hub for Chemical segment. The region consist of more than 300 industrial plants catering to bulk chemicals,Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Agro and Speciality chemicals. With the growth in the Chemical sector, the envoirnmental norms are getting stringent in India. Zero waste emission is the know trend in the waste water segment to improve the efficiency of factory waste management process.

    From the pumping perspective, manufacturing plants are facing issue for pumping sludge / slurries / biomass handled in the ETP area. The applications varies (Filter press feed /Tank to Tank Transfer / Tank Cleaning for Negative suction lifts of more than 5 metres, sump cleaning) but the nature of liquid is more likely remains same in terms of high viscous and dense slurries / sludge. The issues are usually related,frequent pump seal failure, bulky designs with priming pot for negative suctions and most importantly solid handling. With large solid sizes the internals of the pumps are damaged frequently. All these problems lead to high maintenance cost in terms of pumps spares and man hours for frequent failure rates.

    Sandpiper Heavy Duty Flap (HDF) pump – slurry / sludge pumping

    Sandpiper signature series Heavy Duty Flap (HDF) pump is a right fit for the sludge-slurries handling applications. Heavy duty Flap pumps are designed to handle solids upto 75 mm (avg size of an egg). The pump is designed specifically to operate at higher suction lifts (upto 7 m) without priming arrangement. The pump has worked smoothly to clean the sludge settled at the bottom of the tanks. Easy installation (within 10-15 mins) by just flexible hoses at suction / discharge of pump & use of compressed air pipe, the pump is ready to operate. Alignment / space issues are eradicated completely. The pump has a capacity to withstand fair time of dry run due to its sealless technology.

    In 2019, HDF initial trials were conducted in Industrial plants located at Maharashtra and Gujarat. In the 1st trial, 2” HDF SS pump worked wonders in pumping sludge containing 15 mm solids settled at the bottow of the tank . We tested suction lift upto 6 metres without requirement of priming pot, just enough compressed air. In the past, the company used a work force of 4-5 people to clean the tank once in 10 days with an average time of 5 hours. The pump served both purpose of reducing cleaning time and work force.

    Getting the confidence from our 1st success, we took 2nd trial for a filter press application. The liquid handle was biomass slurry (corossive & viscous), with the existing pump, the customer faced frequent failure of rubber parts thus affecting overall maintenance time. 2” HDF PP pump with santoprene diaphragm helped to overcome the frequent failure in the earlier technology. The customer purchased HDF pump and has been using it for more than 8 months without any failure.

    Journey to continue…

    Till date Sandpiper India team along with its wide distributor network has tapped more than 25 customers not only in western india but also expanding our base to other parts of the country. The approach is the same, with time the team has developed experience in providing solutions for ETP pumping applications. In selected accounts, HDF installation base has grown from single pump to around 8 pumps! Sandpiper India team would continue this journey witht our valued customers to solve ETP sludge / slurry handling issue across country.

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    Aumkar Sawant