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Chemical Process Pumps

Chemical Process Pumps

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 Richter Pumps are tailor-made for use under arduous operating conditions. They are available with mechanically sealed and seal less magnetic drive pump options. Innovative self-priming pumps, vortex and peripheral pumps are also available in our product range as well as customized solutions are provided. Magnetic drive pumps with dry-run-optimized SAFE GLIDE® PLUS plain bearings and Pump condition monitoring system SAFE RUN® are some vital innovations in pump technology by Richter. These pumps are used in application involving corrosive, pure and contaminated media in the chemical and petrochemical industries, pulp and metal processing, waste disposal, recycling etc.

These chemical process pumps and mag drive pumps offer maximum mounting flexibility, durability due to optimum material combination with PTFE lining and PFA disc, superior corrosion resistance, extended lifetime and minimized operating costs. Decades of experience has also empowered us to control additional difficulties, such as high and very low temperatures, solids contamination or the risk of dry-running. Our products are a testimony to the continuous innovative practices at IDEX to keep delivering groundbreaking options for industries striving to create industry landmarks with personal benchmarks.
Magnetic Drive Chemical Process Pumps
Magnetic Drive Pumps
Mechanical Seal Chemical Process Pump
Mechanically Sealed Pumps

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