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Over Driven Comils (197,194,196,198,199)

Over driven Comils

  • High capacities, low energy and controlled particle distribution with low generation of “fines
  • Most applications do not require additional powder feeding equipment
  • Low noise
  • Low dust
  • Partial Customization
  • Approximately 20-30% more economical

Under Driven Comils (U10,U20, U30)


  • High capacities, low energy and controlled particle distribution with low generation of “fines
  • Developed for in-line applications, Containment to <1 μg/m3
  • Compact housing and standard flange profile facilitates easy connection to upstream and downstream equipment
  • Vacuum rated for easy pneumatic conveying integration
  • Largest range of scalable models.
  • Shortens R&D to Market technology transfer time
  • Easy to clean design
  • Low dust – low noise
  • WIP, CIP** and SIP** Designs
  • Full Customization

U21 – High Efficiency Mill


  • Revolutionary hole patterns increased on-target PSDs
  • More product within target, Less wastage
  • Reduce heat/product blinding.
  • Ideal for heat sensitive products
    • Improve capacity throughput
    • Screens suitable for CIP/SIP applications
    • Tighter screen/impeller tolerances
    • No product contamination risk



  • PSD Targets 250 < d97 < 400μm range (d50 60-150 μm[1])
  • Pharma OSD
  • Niche API and Fine Chemical
  • Cosmetic powders final de-agglomeration
  • Customers currently using Hammer mills or Pin Mills to achieve similar PSD targets
  • Customers using multiple passes for finer targets

F10 – Fine Grind

Fine Grind

  • For milling between 5 – 150 micron
  • Unsurpassed particle size consistency and maximum yield
  • For size reduction of API’s, excipients, fine chemicals, flavors and spices.
  • Low heat, low noise and low power/air consumption, along with fully integrated controls,
  • Sanitary GMP design with a minimal number of parts for easy-clean and maintenance
  • CIP or WIP options available

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