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IDEX India is a universal leader in advanced engineered systems and components. IDEX asserts its firm foothold in industrial markets with its wide-ranging portfolio of Positive Displacement Pumps and Process Equipment.

Internal Gear, External Gear Pumps

Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Metering & Dosing Pumps

PTFE Lined Mag-Drive Pumps

Plunger Metering Pumps

Sliding Vane Pumps

SANDPIPER delivers a range of pumps with performance and application capabilities. The unique combination of top-quality max flow rates and lowest air consumption makes them the most effective and cost-efficient pumps available. IDEX India is India’s foremost manufacturer of finest quality mag drive pumps and valves.

RICHTER product range offers chemical process pumps, mag drive pumps, PFA lined valves, PTFE lined valves, ball valves, butterfly valves amongst others. These products outshine through tough design and tenacious service life.

VIKING PUMP has been a pump industry frontrunner and innovator since its inception in 1911. With its experience, it delivers innovative pumping solutions and customized options for some of the world’s most demanding applications. As a leading manufacturer of industrial compressors, pumps, bypass valves, and accessories.

CORKEN specializes in custom compressor packaging and pump skids designed for liquefied gas transfer, liquid transfer, air boosting, and vapor recovery applications within the process gas, energy, and transport industries.

OBL manufactures and markets one of the widest portfolios of metering pumps. The company’s success is based on continuous innovation of quality products with high market and application expertise. All pumps are assembled in OBL operation and individually tested by expert staff.

PULSAFEEDER, a unit of IDEX Corporation, continues to be a leader in diaphragm and dosing metering technologies for over 70 years. Pulsafeeder pumps are known for their rugged construction and dependable performance.

LIQUID CONTROLS Positive Displacement Flowmeters from IDEX India are precision made liquid measuring instruments that maintain precise and accurate metering over long periods of operation. Liquid Controls is a world-renowned supplier of reliable, high-accuracy, positive displacement (PD) metering systems.

IDEX is and will always be a company that is focused on what’s most important and put the customer at the center of what we do. We recognize that while we have prodigious, supremely engineered products, it is our teams and talent who empower the IDEX difference.

To know more give us a call on 1800 267 9955 (toll free) or drop us an email on info.fmt@idexcorp.com.

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