LC Meter, Truck Meter for Doorstep Diesel Delivery

Metering Solution for Truck Delivery


Liquid Controls positive displacement flow meters are known worldwide for exceptional accuracy, reliability, and longevity for truck loading application. These truck meters are engineered and designed to ensure absolute accountability and accuracy for truck-based deliveries. LC Diesel Bowser Meters last for many years without requiring maintenance. The complete truck metering solution from Liquid Controls includes a strainer, air eliminator, electronic registration, and volumetric presetting. Our advanced electronic register ties all these elements together to ensure the most accurate & most reliable system in the Diesel Bowser. PD metering system is designed to comply with the OIML R117 standards.

Metering Solution for Truck Delivery

What differentiates LC PD metering system with others in Diesel truck bowsers?

  • Ultimate in terms of accuracy, reliability, and performance
  • We ensure sustained accuracy better than +/- 0.05%. With no metal-to-metal contact inside the measuring chamber means minimal deterioration in accuracy over time, fewer recalibrations
  • Repeatability: 0.02%
  • Longer service life with sustained accuracy
  • Easy to operate through bigger size key buttons.
  • Automation compatible through RS485
  • Manage preset valves (LF/HF), Manage pump control signal, Manage programmable digital input (permissive, Dead man, …) & Manage programmable pulse output.
  • High-resolution display showing volume, unit rate, amount & many more customized parameters
  • Security features complying to the latest W&M norms.
  • Electronics is equipped with an alert system that makes the operator timely aware of the periodic maintenance plans like W&M stamping/calibration/strainer check…. Etc
  • Increased profitability: No more manual pricing errors
  • Improved security and audit trails
  • Ruggedness and reliability – Simplicity of operation & Compatibility with industry-standard Epson printers
  • PESO and Weights & Measures approved

Selecting Metering system for your Mobile Fuel Dispensing Unit

Accurate flow metering system is the heart of fuel trucks used in doorstep diesel delivery and is the most important differentiator for building a successful business model. The importance of above statement is in the fact that for a typical diesel browser dispensing on an average 10 KL per day, a basic flow measurement system with under-reading error of 0.5% can amount to huge losses which can be to the tune of approx 3KL liter of diesel in a single month which essentially means a lot of money, and you can run the numbers on yearly basis based on fuel cost in your area. So, choosing an accurate diesel flow meter system for your Browser must be done with careful assessment and basic understanding of important elements involved to back the data for ROI calculations. For sustenance of any business model, superiority of product and services is bare minimum for building trust with end customers and thus, it is imperative that while delivering fuel repeated accurate deliveries are ensured to have a win-win with your end customers and also remaining safe by being on the right side of regulations. Best metering systems should minimum consist of robust and really accurate custody transfer flow meter, dual channel pulses meeting Security Level A of the API standards, Strainer and Air Eliminator at the upstream of flow meter, Rugged & highly accurate electronic register, Preset valve & Ticket Printer.

Selecting Metering system for your Mobile Fuel Dispensing Unit

1. Ask for best performance, as every drop count’s:
  • Sustained +/- 0.1% accuracy of diesel flow meter which ensures sustained business model for building trust with your clients.
  • Repeatability better than 0.02 over entire range of flow rates.
  • Use Strainer and Air Eliminator before PD meter to guarantee sustained accuracy over many years of operation.
2. Be Sure & Relaxed, with enhanced Safety & Security of the system:
  • Electronics to comply ISO 7637-2 to protect from Shock, Vibration and Electrical Interference
  • Electronics to comply E3M3 compliance to protect from Mechanical and Electrical Vibration
  • Electronics to comply EMI/EMC compliance to protected against Electromechanical/ Radio Frequency interference as per IEC 60068
  • Pulser should be tamper proof & generate Dual Quadrature pulses (90-degree phase shift) with Level A Security as per API 5.5 MPMS to prevent Fraudulent.
  • Non-Exposed Pulsar Card to Ensure no chance of introducing foreign parts.
  • Ensure PD meter & pulser to be of same make to enhance tamper proof solution.
  • Easy to configure with other automation system
  • Multiple password protection feature ensuring the highest level of security.
  • Detection of unauthorized access to calibration function.
  • Both meter & Electronic computer should be W&M sealed before operation
3. Choose a fit and forget system and a robust & reliable partner.
  • No moving parts in metering internals, ensuring trouble free longer life.
  • Strainer at the upstream of meter to increase the meter life & ensure smooth operation.
  • Application specific Air eliminator designed to ensure proper delivery.
  • Rugged Electronic computer to avoid frequent distortion in the readings.
  • Smooth & user-friendly handling without leakages.
  • Strong in-house engineering design, R&D center & calibration facility giving support for complete metering system.
  • Choose vendor who manufactures & takes total ownership of entire metering system, PD meter, Strainer, Air Eliminator, Electronic Register, Preset valve, Printer, PTO pumps.
4. Be aware of Regulatory requirements for custody transfer:
  • Complete metering system to be designed & operated as per OIML R117-1 guidelines
  • System to be certified according to API (American Petroleum Institute) and MID (Measuring Instrument Directive)
  • W&M approval for PD meter, Pulser & Electronic Computer
  • PESO approval on electronic components.
Exercise your right to choose cautiously and keep on building trust with your clients as that is the only thing that matters. We, at Liquid Controls have been ensuring just that for our customers in this business i.e. building trust since 1954 with our positive displacement flow meters which are known worldwide for exceptional accuracy, reliability, and longevity for truck loading application. These meters are engineered and designed specifically to ensure absolute accountability for truck-based deliveries as almost 8 out of 10 global customers rely on Liquid Controls for their flow metering needs.
Liquid Controls Flowmeter

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