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GAST compressors
  • Learn how GAST compressors are helping ventilators save lives in pandemic crises

    The world is crippled with COVID crisis but still most countries are doing their best possible measures to contain its spread. India too has been undertaking quick measures since March 2020 and one of them is stockpiling of medical ventilators. Infact India looks to obtain many more ventilators from other countries to be one step further and self-sufficient in times of need.

    So why exactly ventilators are so much in demand at this point of time? Even though most of the COVID patients get better without any special treatment, a few percentages of them, especially those in old age / immune suppressed conditions face breathing issues due to exposure to this virus. A ventilator support is essential when a Covid-19 patient’s immune response causes his or her lungs to fill up with fluid, constricting oxygen supply. The current scenario of India looks stable, but we are equipping ourselves to be ready for the worst. Therefore, it is not just existing ventilator manufacturers who are boosting up their production, but also automobile manufacturers are stepping in to support the cause.

    So, how GAST helps in effective ventilation?

    Compressor is a critical component of a system which pass filtered & dried air and ensure the pressure of respiratory circuit. It is also being called as air-pump in medical field.

    Gast, a unit of IDEX Corporation manufactures Oil Free Piston Compressor. Our compressors are known for its durability and low noise fitting medicinal environment. They carry a longer life span and have very low exhaust temperatures.

    Quick Specs of GAST Compressor:

    Model: 87 R
    Power : 1/2 hp ( 0.37 kW )
    Max Flow (50 Hz) : 4.1 cfm ( 7.0 m3/h )
    Max Pressure (50 Hz) : 125 psi ( 8.6 bar )
    Weight : 19.1 lbs ( 9 kg )
    Min Temperature : 33.8 °F ( 1 °C )
    Max Temperature : 104 °F ( 40 °C )

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