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  • Know about Total cost of Ownership of Diesel Bowsers

    Reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) is the key for increasing profitability. SO, carefully examine operating costs and process inefficiencies in Diesel bowsers to drive profitability of the business.
    Maintenance has always been a “necessary evil,” interrupting throughput and adding to a lifetime TCO.
    Frequent maintenance further gives chance to the stranger to tamper the electronics during repair works, which can be a serious concern violating regulatory norms and loosing consumer trust.
    Need for more accurate, reliable, safer metering system is need of the hour.
    Liquid Controls Positive displacement meters have a long life and require little or no maintenance.
    Our PD meters are the most reproducible flowmeter in the marketplace globally.
    8 out of 10 global customers rely on LC meters for their fuel bowser. Our meter minimizes your unplanned shutdowns and optimize asset ROI.
    Liquid Controls (IDEX) can guide you to choose better technology in this market now and for years to come