Industrial valves are of various types such as Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves, Diaphragm Valves etc. These valves work on different working principles to perform various functions.

Among the mentioned valves, there is a huge demand for Butterfly Valves in recent years and they are extensively used in the Chemical, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Automobile industry etc.

A Butterfly Valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve that is used to stop, regulate and start flow. They are easy and fast to operate with a 90° rotation of the handle that provides complete closure or opening of the valve.

Richter, a unit of Idex India is the leading butterfly valve manufacturer in India and offers the best best-lined butterfly valve across the globe. Richter manufactures a versatile range of PFA Lined Valves and PTFE lined Valves with the proven performance of handling acids in the chemical industry.

The stem sealing complies with German Clean Air Act (TA-Luft). The double action, maintenance free and self adjusting top and bottom stem sealing is reliable even with high switching cycles and fluctuating temperatures.

Applications of Butterfly Valves in Different Industries:

Richter offers premium quality high performance Butterfly Valves that are used in many diverse and demanding applications such as air, gas, fire protection, high-pressure & high-temperature services etc. The Valves are designed for functionality and reliability in many different industries like base chemical, agrochemical, speciality chemical, fluoro chemical industries.

Below are the basic Components of a Butterfly Valve:

The Butterfly Valves have four main components – Body, Disk, Stem and Seat.

BODY: The body of the butterfly valve is the one that fits between the two pipes. It comes into two major body styles:
    • Wafer Style Body that is connected to the pipes with bolt holes that run through the body of the valve. The design is simple and primarily used to prevent backflow in universal flow systems. It is also more economical than the other type.
    • Lug Style Body are connected to the pipe through protruding lug holes on the outside of the body of the valve. It is comparatively slightly more expensive than its counterpart.
DISK: Both Wafer and Lug style have a disk inside that controls the flow of media through the valve.

STEM: The Stem of the butterfly valves is a small part but plays an important role in its functioning. It connects the disk to the handle outside without which the valve would not be able to open or close.

SEAT: The Seat of the butterfly valves is made up of different elastomers or polymers and is either bonded to the body or pressed or locked down. It runs along the inner diameter of the valve.

To conclude, the Butterfly Valve technology has evolved drastically over the years and so has its popularity among various industries. The rising demand for the Butterfly Valves can be strongly attributed to the quarter-turn operation, tight shut-off and its availability in a variety of materials of construction. Richter is the leading industrial valves manufacturer in India of premium quality valves and control equipment used in demanding and challenging applications.

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