How Does Gast Air Compressor Work in ICU Ventilator? | Ventilator System
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  • How does Gast air compressor work in ICU ventilator?

    An ICU ventilator system takes in pressurized air (using Gast pump compressor) and pressurized oxygen mixes the two in right concentration and provides to a patient.

    A set of precision valves control the mixing and delivery of air-oxygen mixture to the patient.

    The GAST compressor is a source of compressed air to a ventilator unit.

    GAST compressors provides the quietest operation with extremely low vibrations can be placed close to the patients in ICU without causing inconvenience to them.

    These machines are compact and occupy a very small space. The device is also designed using high quality components for continuous operation with guaranteed air flow and enhanced patient comfort.

    GAST uses branded NIDEC electric motors providing assurance of long motor life. (Noise level is 46dB versus 55dB+ for other suppliers)

    Apart from life and noise benefits, GAST compressor are easy to service and low maintenance; provide long operation hours before need for maintenance arises.

    The Gast compressor provides medical grade compressed air and is ideal for use in ventilators treating COVID-19 patients.

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