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Portable Fire Pump

Godiva and Hale have been manufacturing fire pumps since more than 40 years and have built on this experience to build specialty features which fire fighters around the world trust. These innovative pumps from Godiva and Hale allow firefighting teams to work more quickly and reliably.
Compact, powerful and reliable the Powerflow pumps offer range of flows and is available as a single pressure pump with Weber engine. Fyr Pak and Fyr Flote are specialty designed portable fire pumps for wildfire fighting and


  • Ultra-compact and lightweight – frees up locker space for other equipment
  • Up to 12% smaller and 10% lighter than comparable pumps
  • A range of flows to suit different needs such as dewatering, water relay, wildland fire and firefighting
  • Priming – exhaust gas ejection or hand priming version (single pressure only)
  • Electric starting as standard, with hand start as back-up included
  • Manual start only version also available
  • Engine – horizontal shaft, air-cooled
  • Light alloy pump body and volute
  • Wrap around stainless steel frame
  • Bracket for extending lighting mast
  • Combined electrical socket for battery charging and lighting mast



Single and Multi-pressure portable fire pumps


Fire Flote

High pressure or low pressure pump for direct firefighting or water transfer through wildland water source


Fire Pak

Light weight back-pack pump for wildfire fighting


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