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Introduction to Godiva:

Godiva is one of the leading manufacturer and provider of vehicle mounted and portable fire pumps. Godiva has been a pioneer in providing world class firefighting equipment to the world. It has developed expertise in developing specialty features to cater needs of emergency service market, and provides normal pressure and multistage pressure firefighting pumps to fire brigades, OEM and industries. Godiva pumps have a broad product portfolio such as vehicle mounted fire pumps, portable fire pumps, fire truck pump, trailer& skid mounted pumps, foam proportioning system and CAFS.

Godiva Pumps for a Range of Applications

Godiva pumps come in a number of different specifications: from vehicle-mounted fire truck pump options to portable pumps that can be deployed where necessary, when it comes to versatile pumping solutions, Godiva delivers the best. Each pump has been meticulously manufactured, resulting in a premium product that gives excellent performance, even in challenging situations.

Fire Fighting Pumps with Advanced Features

Godiva pumps are suitable for use as emergency equipment for private industrial use as well as ideal for the emergency services. Because the range is so comprehensive, Godiva firefighting pumps are used by the oil & gas sector as well as by the chemical, hygiene, pharmaceutical, rescue, and fire & safetyy sectors.

Fire Truck Pump Specifically Designed for Vehicular Use

The Godiva pumps intended for use on a fire fighting vehicle are built with their end use in mind. Lighter than many comparable models, the fire truck pumps we offer benefit from compact dimensions and a reliable, low-maintenance performance that makes up-keep cost-effective and straight-forward.


Vehicle Mounted Pumps

Godiva provides midship or rear-end mounted fire pumps meeting high standards and maximum efficiency. Godiva offers high level of customization with respect to choice of material of construction, priming system, flow performance, and accessories etc., to meet requirements of customer.


Portable Pumps

Portable Pumps

Godiva has developed powerful reliable portable pump in a compact size. Portable pumps are designed to offer high output to weight ratio, maximum efficiency and output. As a result, we offer quality of products that easy to operate and handle.


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