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StreamMaster II Manual Monitor 7600 LPM (2000 GPM)

The StreamMaster II manual monitor is taking monitor design technology to the next level. Included in its patented design is a unique waterway construction capable of flows from 250 gpm (950 LPM) up to 1250 gpm (4800 LPM) for the 3483 or 500-2000 gpm (1900-7600 LPM) for the 3481. This waterway provides balanced forces on the outlet and reduced friction loss resulting in exceptional stream performance over this wide-range of flows in a small compact package. This dual handwheel controlled monitor is suited for large flow needs in fire apparatus and fixed site installations.


  • Compact industry leading operating envelope (10.5”, 266.7 mm)
  • Easy handwheel operation of both horizontal and vertical travel
  • Rotational Range: Elevation 45° below to 90° above horizontal

Technical Details:

Style Weight Height Width Depth Inlet Outlet Flow
3481 15.1 kg 18.25” (464 mm) 11.73” (298 mm) 12.45” (316 mm) 4” Flange (DN100) 3.5” Male (89 mm) 2000 7600
Style 3481
Weight 15.1 kg
Height 18.25” (464 mm)
Width 11.73” (298 mm)
Depth 12.45” (316 mm)
Inlet 4” Flange (DN100)
Outlet 3.5” Male (89 mm)
GPM 2000
LPM 7600

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