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Introduction to Akron Brass

Akron Brass is considered today as one of the world’s finest producer of Fire Fighting Equipment. Especially Nozzles and Monitors because of its advanced manufacturing techniques and focused customer insight.

Akron Brass’ Nozzles like Provenger, Turbojet etc. offer Selectable Flow and are light-weight and easy to operate in any situation.

Akron Brass’ Fixed, Portable & Oscillating Monitors offer manual & remote-controlled options along with a wide reach and good quality stream.

Our Nozzles and Monitors provide firefighters the kind of equipment that not only makes their jobs easier, but also minimizes risk.

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Product Portfolio:


Since the early 1900’s Akron Brass has been into manufacturing and designing Nozzles for Firefighting in wide range of applications




Akron Brass monitors provide the latest technology in monitors and are tested to provide any required reach for firefighting with good quality stream reaching the exact location of Fire.


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