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Reciprocating Compressors – Horizontal

When the pressures or capacities of your application are beyond the capabilities of our vertical compressors, Corken’s horizontal compressors are your next option. Unlike Corken’s vertical reciprocating compressors, the horizontal compressor uses a segmented purge packing design to seal the piston rod.

  • Reciprocating, Non lubricated, Air Cooled, Horizontally balanced, Single & Double Stage, Double Acting Design
  • Plain Style and Double (T Style) Distance Piece Options
  • Built for Precise Leakage Control for Toxic Highly Flammable Gases (LPG, NH3, Industrial gases)
  • Coating option for additional corrosion resistance
  • ANSI Flanged End Connections
  • Piston Displacement Capacity upto 700 m3/Hr
  • Maximum Allowable working pressure range from 21 bara to 114.8 bara

Specific application conditions may limit a compressor’s operating performance to less than the values shown on this page. Specifications may be changed without liability or advance notice

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