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Cone Valve

Cone Valve
Invented by us. Appreciated by our customers.
Powder flow problems such as blockages, bridging, segregation and core flow can be addressed by an efficient discharge device like cone valve which offers automatic and controlled discharge of any powder type wherein all other systems have failed. No more ‘bin rash’ & hammers are encountered to release powder.  Free-flowing powders can be controlled by using the variable lift height capability of the valve, without the need for additional feeders.
Cone Valve
To achieve right mix of components in final pack, getting and maintaining a homogenous blend is vital. Our Cone valve does not suffer from segregation and hence the output is not altered or of poor quality like other systems.

Protect The Blend

Our Cone Valve creates an annular gap at the outlet of the IBC which enables material to move under mass-flow, thereby protecting blends during the discharge process.

Thus, all the product in the IBC cross-section moves at the same time. There are no dead zones, no particle rolling can occur, hence no segregation.  All product has a uniform residence time with first in, first out.

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