How are Chemical Injection Pumps used in the Oil & Gas Industry?

What are Chemical Injection Pumps?

The Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Oil & Gas companies are always looking to improve production capacities, optimize production processes, assure flow performance, protect infrastructure, and reduce downtime.

The most efficient solution is to inject chemicals into the processes to increase the production capacity, inhibit deposits, reduce corrosion, and make the process more reliable.

A chemical injection pump injects metered fluid amounts and overcomes line pressure. It is not just releasing fluid into a tank but dispensing a pressurized amount at a specified rate. Its performance is affected substantially by backpressure, and the flow rate needs to be maintained since often it is mixing a chemical with water as it goes through the line.

Pulsafeeder Pumps

Pulsafeeder, a unit of IDEX Corporation, is a leader in diaphragm, chemical injection package, dosing skid, plunger pumps, variable flow pumps, and dosing metering technologies.

Pulsafeeder pumps are known for their rugged construction, dependable performance, and API-675 compliance. In addition, all the products are at the highest manufacturing excellence and quality control level.

The Pulsa & Pulsapro Series® is a leak-free, hydraulically balanced diaphragm metering pump. It is engineered for precise dosing and long-term dependability to deliver superior value.

The pump has a flat diaphragm or unique HYDRAtube® head design, along with a variety of wet-end materials, therefore offering a diverse range of fluid handling solutions. The PULSA Series is commonly used for applications in chemical processing, petrochemical, oil & gas, water & wastewater treatment, and power.


Use of Chemical Injection Pumps in the Oil & Gas Industry

Chemical injection packages that use pumps have been a crucial factor in enhancing profitability through a lot of the factors.

First, they hydrate inhibition to avoid freezing in the production line, enabling the separation of crude oil/water/gas. They remove the deposits of salt, wax, and other minerals build-up, which causes a decrease in the production, preventing corrosion.

Chemical injection systems can be deployed in various Enhanced Oil Recovery applications onshore and offshore.

They inject viscosity increasers to improve the sweep through a reservoir, improving oil & gas recovery production. These Chemical Injection Packages are typically installed close to the water injection sites.

Benefits of using the chemical injection system in the Oil & Gas Industry –

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Portability
  • Instrumentation and safety shutdown valves prevent harm to operators and machinery.
  • Decreased repair downtimes
  • Safe deployment in hazardous environments
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Oilfield chemical injection pumps

Chemical injection pumps are used in the oilfield for delivering specialty chemicals into the production system at specified rates.

The process of getting the chemicals into the well reliably and accurately in the production system, or the pipeline is essential for any chemical treating program.

There are many types of chemical injection pumps used in the oilfield some of which are mechanically operated, driven by direct linkage from the walking beam of a pumping unit and others may be driven by compressed field gas, air, or electric motor.

Most pumps use either a positive displacement piston (plunger) or a diaphragm to meter the dosage of chemicals. The volume of the chemical is controlled by adjusting the length of the plunger, the number of strokes per minute, and the diameter of the plunger.

Some pumps may even be equipped with dual heads to pump two chemicals simultaneously. The location in the field, the available power, and the required injection pressures usually dictate the type of pump required.

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