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Indian Blender

IBC Blender

Dry blenders used in pharma processing Eliminate onerous clean-down requirements by blending in the IBC
In-bin blending so no cleaning down-time. Asymmetric 360o tumble blending. Up to 3 batches per hour. Industrial Mixer range 300-3500L. Wide range of batch sizes can be accommodated on one pharmaceutical mixer. Available with interlocked safety cage for high safety operation.

IBC Industrial/ Pharmaceutical Mixer

IBC Industrial Mixer

Allows rapid batch changeovers as the ingredients are fully contained within the IBC – no need to clean down.

The dry blender used in pharma processing is a fully contained system that protects against any cross-contamination risks. High OEE rates are possible as IBCs are prepared & discharged separately from the blending process. The small footprint helps keep clean room costs to a minimum.
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