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Aviation Master PD Meter
  • Aviation Master PD Meter

    For any aircraft, accurately measuring jet fuel is a crucial aspect, both in terms of billing and determination of fuel quality on board. The meter is required to have an accuracy of +/- 0.1% over its operating flow range. The repeatability should be +/- 0.02% over the entire flow range. However, achieving this is not simple and has quite a few challenges.

    Liquid Controls PD meter is the best in the industry when it comes to aviation refuellers, hydrant carts and other aviation ground-support. LC manufactures a range of Aviation meters that are installed into refuellers, hydrant dispensers or master meters to calibrate fuel meters. These meters are fabricated from non-ferrous metals. Corrosion inside the meter body is avoided altogether by internally covering the surface with epoxy paint in case of double case meter bodies. These meters are also provided with mechanical or electronic readouts.

    Liquid Controls, a unit of IDEX Corporation, has been in the industry since 1954 and has been producing quality PD meters that ensures accurate measurement, ever since! This has largely been the reason for LC getting the opportunity to provide aviation meters for the U.S. Air Force. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who collaborate and personally ensure that each task that makes up an LC product is carried out with perfection. LC has earned a global reputation for its quality and accuracy with its outstanding performance for the last 60+ years!

    To meet these high standards, the aviation fuel meters should be proved every six months; and meters with high throughout need proving at shorter frequencies. Meters that have been repaired or those which are newly installed need proving at least once in three months! It is also preferable to prove aviation fuel meters with either a prover tank or a master meter. Master meter that is used for proving aviation fuel meter needs to be proved once in a year.

    A typical master meter skid consists of a PD meter with volumetric display, upstream and downstream isolation valve and suitable hose with end fittings to connect to meter under test. The entire system is mounted on a trolley. This makes it easy to move and to be placed near the fuel meters for the purpose of calibration.

    LC is well known in aviation industry for high quality, reliable flowmeter systems and innovations that enhance metering performance. Our PD meters provide safe, accurate, and efficient transfer of components to provide accurate results. Get in touch with us to know more or for any other requirement.