Applications for CORKEN Products for PROPYLENE TRANSFER

  • Both Liquid Transfer and Vapor Recovery from Railcar wagons OR Road trucks OR Emergency Rescue Vehicles (ERV) to another storage: A unique process where the compressor is used to create a pressure different
  • Storage / Vessels / Pipelines Decommissioning: As per safety guidelines globally, storage vessels and pipelines are periodically tested. CORKEN compressors are used for transferring propylene to another storage to avoid gas loss using the same principle as tanker / rail car unloading.
  • Process Gas Recovery: Gas at certain pressure needs to be boosted at higher pressure to be re-used for further process in the plant a process reaction. Typically, Mixture is propylene with other gases, moisture, condensates, etc. depending on the reaction to high pressure applications with moderate flow rates.
  • Tank to Tank Bulk Liquid Transfer: Pumps are used for bulk liquid unloading / transfer in cases where vapor recovery is not favored by user. CORKEN pumps are used for medium to high differential pressures and smaller / moderate flows (mainly for Intermediate chemical / bulk drug manufacturers, aromatic / essential oil industries, etc.)

Salient Features of CORKEN Products that make it favorites for PROPYLENE Applications in the Industry.

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Offered CORKEN Compressors belong to Positive displacement, RECIPROCATING Piston type following General Compliance to API 618.


Minimization / Elimination of impurities like oil is of paramount importance for industrial process level application for Propylene. CORKEN Compressors provide NON-LUBRICATED GAS COMPRESSION by effectively separating oil chamber from the gas compression chamber with non-lubricated wetted parts. The internal parts for gas compression chamber are SELF LUBRICATING and thus do not require additional lubrication. Pumps offered also do not require any oil lubricating wetted parts except the bearings which are grease lubricated.


Propylene is HIGHLY INFLAMMABLE in nature and hence leakage control becomes an important feature for any equipment handling propylene. CORKEN’s Plain Style (single packing), D-style (two sets of packing) and T-style (three sets of packing) with positive Seal Piston V-Ring/Segmented or combination packing provides Greater control of fugitive emissions designed for GREATER PRECISION LEAKAGE CONTROL.


With proper piping and installation recommendations, CORKEN pumps and compressors have a very smooth and SILENT run on the field within allowable NOISE LIMITS.