Our History

Matcon specialises in providing IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) Systems for handling and processing powders, granules, tablets and capsules. We have a world-wide reputation for providing Lean and agile solutions, built on 35 years of experience across the food, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

Each Matcon IBC incorporates our unique Cone Valve technology which offers controlled discharge of material, without the risk of segregation, bridging or blocking; even for some of the most difficult to handle powders.

Matcon IBCs are particularly well suited to pharmaceutical applications, as the Cone Valve technology enables blended powders and granules to feed directly to roller compactors and tablet compression without the risk of segregation. In fact, this unique technology allows us to supply large-scale IBCs up to 3500L, with the reassurance that the product will not segregate and will be fully discharged.

Are you still handling tablets in drums? The Matcon Tablet IBC system provides gentle handling of tablets in quantities up to 750kg in one single IBC! This enables single batch handling to and from coating, reduces container movements and product handling.

We supply solutions from single IBCs through to complete powder handling systems, covering all process operations from recipe formulation to mixing/blending, to packing and cleaning.

In the food sector, the Matcon IBC system is ideal for those with a large portfolio of recipes or those handling allergens. The ability to blend without cleaning between recipe changes and the flexibility to send IBCs to packing line that is ready means that manufacturing flow is optimised and the output maximised, providing excellent ROI.

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