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In 1972 LUKAS was the first supplier to develop a hydraulic cutter for rescue work. LUKAS has been manufacturing hydraulic products since 1948 and has built on this experience to build innovative tools which rescue teams around the world trust. These innovative rescue tools from Lukas allow rescue teams to work more safely quickly and reliably.

  • Quick- Easy to use and high performance on the job to speed up the rescue operations.
  • Safe- Carefully thought through design to ensure that the rescuer and the injured person are safe.
  • Reliable- High quality tools which work perfectly

LUKAS has been able to achieve these high standards buy closely working with rescue teams and fire-fighters to develop eDraulic tools which are independent of hoses and power packs but can still give equivalent performance. In 2014 we made further improvements to our tool to make the original even better. The new eDRAULIC 2.0 is lighter, more compact and is optimized for better performance and speed.


  • Star grip control for best possible handling
  • Unique cutting geometry to ensure that blades automatically position the object where the most force is applied
  • Mono coupling- Fast, Safe, Reliable, user-friendly coupling
  • Cutting power- More power applied where it’s needed.
  • Spreader tips- Easily Change tips.
  • Turbo power- In situations that demand great speed activate turbo power for double performance.
  • eDRAULIC- Freedom from hoses-battery driven product

  • Combi-tools

  • edraulic


  • Power units and Accessories

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