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Rotary Gear Pump Technology:

Rotary Gear Pumps are positive displacement pumps wherein the fluid displacement takes place in between the space between two gears due to meshing of gears and are ideal solution for displacement of highly viscous fluid.

Benefits of the rotary gear pump:
  • Highly Efficient Performance in terms of suction and discharge
  • Flow is independent of pressure
  • Service has great control and reliability over the flow


  • High pressure and high efficiency with thin liquids with hardened components:
    • Hardened one-piece, stainless steel casing
    • Silicon carbide sleeve bearings
    • Chrome oxide shaft coating.
  • Ideal for loading/unloading, or line stripping operations with self-priming, short-term dry-run capability and bi-directional pumping design.
  • Delivers non-pulsing, low-shear flow with superior suction lift capability and volumetric efficiency


Rotary Vane Pumps



  • Fuels and lube oils
  • Alcohols and solvents
  • Asphalt, bitumen, tar
  • Resins and polymers, PU foam
  • Food industry (chocolate, starch)
  • Inks, pigments, paints
  • Soaps and surfactants
  • Glycol
  • Base oil, additives etc

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