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External Gear Pump Technology:

While external gear pumps are similar to internal gear pumps, the only difference is the use of two identical gears rotating against each other — one gear is driven by a motor and it in turn drives the other gear.External gear pumps are mostly used where high pressure is required e.g hydraulic applications.

Benefits of the internal gear pump:

  • High pressure
  • Relatively high speed
  • Silent operation
  • Suitable for wide variety of materials
  • Flexible design

External Gear Pumps

Spur Gear

Spur Gear

Features of VIKING External Gear Pump:

  • Flow up to 45 m3/hr
  • Pressure up to 170 bar
  • Viscosity up to 250,000 cst
  • Temp from -40 C to +230 C
  • Various Sealing options
  • Anti-friction needle bearings with high load carrying capacity
  • Hardened steel gears and shafts to extend pressure capability and minimize wear
  • High speed design eliminates need for reducer
  • Easy to install in tight spaces due to compact close- coupled design
  • Available with seal-less mag-drive options


Spur Gear


  • Fuel oils and lube oils
  • Chemical additives
  • Mixing and blending (double pump)
  • Industrial hydraulic applications (log splitters, lifts, etc.)
  • Acids and caustic (stainless steel or composite construction)
  • Low volume transfer or application

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