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  • Spill Containment Technology in AODD pumps

    AODD pumps are used to transfer corrosive, viscous, abrasive fluid in critical applications across a range of industries. One of the most common problems in these pumps is spillage of material from the pump while in operation due to reasons like breakage of diaphragm of the pump or it might also be due to improper pump selection. This spillage is a major problem as sometimes the product is very costly and it might incur huge losses for the company or the product or for example in chemical industries spillage can also be hazardous to the environment & manpower around it if it leaks out. The operation on the production floor might also shut down if leakage is not contained within the pump in appropriate time.

    It is due to this reason that it is important to have spill containment & leak detection systems in AODD pumps. Leak detection systems are in place for to detect leaks immediately so as to alert the user and prevent further damage. In most of the applications of AODD pumps any stoppage or delay in operation can result in loss of productivity which could affect entire production process in the factory. It is for this reasons that backup systems are also important for spill containment in these pumps.

    To prevent spillage it is important to select the right AODD pumps in terms of understanding the fluid properties and understanding the operating conditions for the pump for smooth operation. There shouldn’t fluid built-up on the diaphragm which can be prevented by regular maintenance. Sandpiper’s Containment duty pumps offer containment chamber which is present next to the diaphragm with leak detection. So these pumps not only just detect leak but also prevent the leak from spilling out of the pump. The pump operation won’t stop in case of leakage & rupture of diaphragm and the entire batch is completed before the diaphragm can be replaced.

    Spill containment we can say is an critical part of the AODD pumps to prevent significant losses and protect environment and also provide smooth operation.